Oil Bowl History

*The series does not include the six games that the Mustangs have played Kelly Walsh in the playoffs.  The Mustangs have won all of those playoff games.  Thus, Natrona has actually won 51 games compared to KW's 14 for an impressive 78.5% winning percentage.  KEEP UP THE RECORD OF EXCELLENCE!   GO MUSTANGS!

Prep football: Oil Bowl history and Recaps(below)

Series History: NC leads 45-14 (series began in 1965).

Biggest NC win:  51-0 (2012)

Biggest KW win: 24-0 (1983).

Most Points Scored NC win: 59-13 (1999)

Longest NC win streak: 10 (1992-2002).

Longest KW win streak: 4 (1980-83).

Coaches' Records: Steve Harshman (NC) — 27-6  (32-6 playoffs);  Aaron Makelky 0-5


2023 Natrona 37-0  @ Natrona Sept 15

2022 Natrona 26-6 @ Kelly Walsh Sept 16

2021 Natrona 42-7 @ Natrona Sept 17

2020 Natrona 35-14 @ Kelly Walsh Sept 18

2019 Natrona 27-0 @ Natrona Oct 7

2018  Natrona 42-12 @ Kelly Walsh Oct. 5                    PLAYOFFS Natrona 35-7 @ Natrona October 26

2017  Natrona 31-0 @ Natrona Oct. 6

2016 Kelly Walsh 19-14 @ Kelly Walsh Sept. 30            PLAYOFFS  Natrona 37-21 @ KW October 28th

2015  Natrona 20-14 @ Natrona Oct. 3                          PLAYOFFS Natrona 23-7 @ Natrona October 30

2014: Natrona 49-0 @ Kelly Walsh Oct 4

2013: Kelly Walsh 21-20, OT @ Natrona Oct. 5             PLAYOFFS Natrona 33-0 @ Natrona November 1

2012: Natrona 51-0 @ Kelly Walsh Sept 22

2011: Natrona 49-6 @ Natrona Sept. 23

2010: Natrona 45-0 @ Kelly Walsh Sept. 17

2009: Kelly Walsh 28-27, 2OT @ Natrona Sept. 18

2008: Natrona 41-24 @ Kelly Walsh Oct. 17

2007: Natrona 49-7 @ Natrona Sept. 21

2006: Kelly Walsh 20-7 @ Kelly Walsh Oct. 20        PLAYOFFS Natrona 27-14 @ Kelly Walsh Oct 27

2005: Natrona 21-9 @ Natrona Oct. 14

2004: Natrona 40-18 @Kelly Walsh Oct. 1               PLAYOFFS Natrona 29-12 @ Natrona Oct 27

2003: Natrona 43-0 @Natrona Oct. 3

2002: Kelly Walsh 27-26 @Kelly Walsh Oct. 4

2001: Natrona 17-0 @Kelly Walsh Oct. 5

2000: Natrona 55-14 @Kelly Walsh Oct. 6

1999: Natrona 59-13 @Natrona Oct. 8

1998: Natrona 38-7 @Kelly Walsh Oct. 10

1997: Natrona 21-20 @Natrona Oct. 10

1996: Natrona 23-3 @Kelly Walsh Oct. 11

1995: Natrona 27-14 @Natrona Oct. 6

1994: Natrona 20-0 @Kelly Walsh Oct. 7

1993: Natrona 21-7 @Natrona Oct. 9

1992: Natrona 14-6 @Kelly Walsh Oct. 9

1991: Kelly Walsh 15-9 @Natrona Oct. 11

1990: Natrona 21-0 @Kelly Walsh Oct. 6

1989: Natrona 41-0 @Natrona Oct. 6

1988: Natrona 31-13 @Kelly Walsh Oct. 8

1987: Kelly Walsh 23-9 @Natrona Oct. 10

1986: Kelly Walsh 26-12 @Kelly Walsh Oct. 18

1985: Natrona 42-2 @Natrona Oct. 11

1984: Natrona 26-14 @Kelly Walsh Oct. 13

1983: Kelly Walsh 24-0 @Natrona Oct. 14

1982: Kelly Walsh 35-15 @Kelly Walsh Oct. 22

1981: Kelly Walsh 20-0 @Natrona Oct. 24

1980: Kelly Walsh 28-13 @Kelly Walsh Nov. 1

1979: Natrona 9-6 @Natrona Nov. 3

1978: Natrona 27-13 @Kelly Walsh Nov. 4

1977: Kelly Walsh 13-3 @Natrona Nov. 5

1976: Natrona 33-7 @Kelly Walsh Nov. 6

1975: Natrona 19-13 @Natrona Nov. 1

1974: Natrona 20-3 @Kelly Walsh Oct. 26

1973: Natrona 7-6 @Natrona Oct. 27

1972: Natrona 9-7 @Kelly Walsh Oct. 28

1971: Natrona 24-0 @Natrona Nov. 2

1970: Natrona 20-6 @Kelly Walsh Oct. 31

1969: Kelly Walsh 8-7 @Natrona Nov. 1

1968: Natrona 19-6 @Kelly Walsh Nov. 2

1967: Natrona 13-12 @Natrona Nov. 4

1966: Natrona 12-0 @Kelly Walsh Nov. 5

1965: Natrona 12-7 @Natrona Nov. 6



NATRONA COUNTY 37 KELLY WALSH 0:  One of the biggest crowds at NCHS in recent memory enjoyed a beautiful fall evening.  The Mustangs started fast and scored on the opening drive off a Will Cantrell run.  Will rushed for 130 yards.  It was a Senior scoring night with Cantrell scoring 2 on the ground, Trig Berens passed for two TD's to Beau Russell and Will Cantrell, Tim Edmondson scored off a scoop and score and Dallin Bertagnole scored a safety.  Junior Aiden Youmans had 6 catches.  The city of Casper came together at half-time and passed the hat to raise $5000 for a boy in Sheridan who suffered a serious injury this season.  


NATRONA COUNTY 26 KELLY WALSH 6:  Another beautiful evening in one of the nicest falls in Wyoming history.  The Mustangs lead throughout.  Mason Weickum led the Mustangs with 174 yards rushing.  QB Wyatt Powell rushed for 106 and threw a TD to Evan Lango,  Breckin McClintock and Beau Russell intercepted passes.  The Mustang Offensive Line of Colby Harlin, Cody Crawford, Jace Brezina, Jared Markwardt and Rafael Ruiz lead the way


NATRONA COUNTY 42 KELLY WALSH 7:  On a beautiful night with one of the largest crowds every and the University of Wyoming Marching Thunder performing the Mustangs played tough football.  Wyatt Powell blocked and scored a KW field goal attempt 60 yards for our first score.  7-0 held until the last minute of the 1st half when when Kaeden Wilcox scored to make it 14-0.  The Mustangs opend the 3rd qtr with 3 quick scores by Wyatt Powell, Tyler Hill and Breckin McClintock to push the score to 35-0.  The final Mustang score of the night was from Preston Hytrek to make it 42-0.  The Trojans scored late for a final 42-7.  Both teams displayed great sportsmanship and played hard.  The Mustangs had 335 yards of offense to the Trojans 224.  Brendyn Nelson lead the O and D lines and Billy Brenton had an interception for the Mustangs.


NATRONA COUNTY 35 KELLY WALSH 14:  The Trojans scored on the first play but the Mustangs answered with 21 straight points. Braxton Bundy ran for 234 yards and three TDs and Harrison Taubert added 155 yards and two scores to lead the Mustangs to their fourth consecutive Oil Bowl victory.


NATRONA COUNTY 27 KELLY WALSH 0:  The Mustangs earned their only shutout of the 2019 season.  Harrison Taubert scored twice, Dante Wallace once and Ben Hoppens kicking two field goals.  Isaac Palomo and Harrison Taubert secured interceptions



NATRONA COUNTY 42 KELLY WALSH 12:  The Mustangs had 440 yards of offense in the first half while holding KW to 44.  The Mustangs started fast but KW answered with a scoop and score in the first quarter.  After that it was all Mustangs.  Kade Stoner and Dante Wallace lead the rushing attack behind the blocking of Josh Corr, Trevon Smith, Brendan Gustafson, Yahav Shraiber, Kooper Claney

PLAYOFFS Natrona 35-7 @ Natrona October 26  Jordan Bertagnole caught 3 TD passes and the Mustangs mounted a 99 yard scoring drive to keep the momentum.  Dante Wallace lined up behind the "BIG" set and the Mustangs ran consecutive plays of 14, 8,8,21,12,4,5,and 6 to move from our 1 yard line into KW territory.  The Mustangs would go on to win the State Championship two weeks later. 


NATRONA COUNTY 31 KELLY WALSH 0:  Jesse Harshman threw two TD passes to Ben Acres and ran for another TD.  Brett Brenton scored his 14th TD of the year and Riley Shepperson kicked a 45 yard FG.  The defense played tough and didn't give up a big play and halted the Trojans on every drive.  It was the 11th shutout of the series and the 12th overall with the 2013 playoff shutout.


KELLY WALSH 19 NATRONA 14:  The Mustangs led the entire game but the Trojans mounted a successful drive late in the game to take the lead and secure the victory.  It was a hard fought game on both sides

PLAYOFFS Natrona 37-21 @ Kelly Walsh October 28th:  The Mustangs returned to Harry Geldien Stadium one month later and scored a season high 37 points and took an early lead and responded to every Trojan attempt to gain the momentum.  Logan Harbaugh's interception was an early key play and the Mustangs played good football for 4 quarters.


NATRONA 20, KELLY WALSH 14 The 51st Oil Bowl was played at NCHS in front of a large and raucus crowd.  The 6pm kickoff was delayed after the National Anthem for over 90 minutes due to lightning.  It was an exciting game with lead changes, big plays and big penalties. The Mustangs overcame a 14-7 halftime deficit to win 20-14.  Two Cody Wilkenson field goals were the difference and Dillon Vanetti added a spark on offense

PLAYOFFS Natrona 23-7 @ Natrona October 30:  One month later the Mustangs defense dominated the game and held Kelly Walsh to 80 yards total offense.  The NCHS offense and special teams were solid with the only miscue coming on a fumble in the 2nd half that KW scooped and scored for their only points.  The Mustangs advanced to the Semifinals with the win.


NATRONA 49, KELLY WALSH 0 The Mustangs and Trojans celebrated the 50th annual Oil Bowl with pregame introductions of legendary coaches as well as post game fireworks.  The Mustangs horsepower was too much as a deep and tough Senior class all contributed to this victory.   An early drive by the Trojans was cut short and it was all Natrona after that.  Stevann Brown rushed for 2 TD's, Josh Harshman and Casson Burgen were 8 for 10 with TD passes to Brown and Austin Luers respectively and Burgen and Caleb Dahill rounded out the scoring with TD runs.  The Mustangs rolled on to an undefeated season and a State Championship.  It was the10th shutout of the series and the 11th with the 2013 playoff shutout.


KELLY WALSH 21, NATRONA 20 OT: This Saturday game was delayed a day because of a massive snow storm,it was further delayed on Saturday as NC fans, coaches and staff worked to clear the field.  NC never trailed in this defensive struggle.  The game was tied at half 7-7 and 14-14 at the end of regulation.  NC scored first but missed the Xpt.  On 3rd and 19 KW's Clay Carlson made a great catch to tie the game and the Xpt was good and NC lost its 3rd OT of the season at home by 1pt.

PLAYOFFS Natrona 33-0 @ Natrona November 1:  One month later the Mustangs dominated from start to finish holding KW to 107 yards of offense. The Mustang Defense dominated with 4 interceptions, 2 by Josh Harshman,  Logan Wilson kicked 4 field goals and scored on defense to help lead the Mustangs into the semi-finals.


NATRONA 51, KELLY WALSH 0: The Mustangs rolled to an undefeated season at 12-0 and set an Oil Bowl record for the largest margin of victory while earning their 9th shutout of the series.  NC played all their reserves and the depth of their Senior class was too much for the Trojans.  


NATRONA 49, KELLY WALSH 6: NC senior Cody Vollmar accounted for 325 all-purpose yards and had a hand in all seven of the Mustangs' touchdowns. Vollmar returned a punt 91 yards for a score late in the first half and then opened the second half with a 99-yard kickoff return for a touchdown. NC junior Josh Flanigan ran for 161 yards and scored four total TDs. KW scored its lone touchdown on a 77-yard scoring strike from Jacob Tapp to Terry Jackson, Jr.


NATRONA 45, KELLY WALSH 0: NC senior quarterback Jim Shellenberger threw for 335 yards and three touchdowns and ran for 59 yards and a score, as the Mustangs recorded the eighth shutout in the history of the rivalry. Kyle Vinich had three TD receptions, and Jordan Dick had two interceptions for NC. Natrona rolled to 517 yards of total offense and held KW to just 143; the game saw a combined 20 penalties.


KELLY WALSH 28, NATRONA 27, 2OT: Natrona built a 21-0 lead with 7 minutes, 30 seconds left in the third quarter, but Kelly Walsh came roaring back behind Lucas Nolan. Nolan had touchdown runs on scoring drives of 57, 62 and 92 yards, capped by his 17-yard scamper to tie the game with 4:35 left in the game. Both teams had goal line stands in the first overtime; KW's Ben Jones stuffed Cole Montgomery on fourth-and-1 and Montgomery repaid the favor, blocking Eli Ford's point-blank field goal attempt on the Trojans' ensuing possesion.

In the second overtime, Riley Moore scored from 7 yards out to give KW a 28-21 lead, but Clay Brownell answered with a one-yard TD run to pull NC within one point, 28-27. NC coach Steve Harshman elected to go for two and the win, but as Brownell rolled left, KW junior defensive back Cormick Eaton cut him down two yards short of the end zone. Nolan finished with 165 rushing yards -- 145 in the second half alone -- and three touchdowns; Montgomery led NC with 154 yards, while Brownell added two TD runs and a TD pass.


NATRONA 41, KELLY WALSH 24: Kelly Walsh led 21-20 at halftime but could only manage three points in the second half. NC's Zach Powell broke the game open with a 65-yard punt return for a touchdown with 9:03 remaining in the third quarter. Ryan Murphy led NC; he completed 13 of 17 passes for 185 yards and two touchdowns and also ran for a score. Lucas Nolan ran for two scores and threw a TD pass for the Trojans.


NATRONA 49, KELLY WALSH 7: Tom Earl ran for school and Oil Bowl records, running 23 times for 302 yards. He scored four touchdowns on runs of 3, 41, 14 and 79 yards, and did it while playing only 2 1/2 quarters. NC finished with 556 yards of total offense, 469 of those on the ground. Mike Mounce, Cale Fedore and Josh Maddux also scored for NC. QB Zach Johnson had KW's only score on a one-yard sneak in the fourth quarter.


KELLY WALSH 20, NATRONA 7: The Trojans had 285 rushing yards and scored twice in the fourth quarter to take second place in the North Conference; the two teams met again the next week in the playoffs, (which NC won 27-14).  Reed Rudkin ran 19 times for 189 yards and two scores, including a 75-yard TD in the fourth quarter to seal the win. Korey Downing also scored for KW, which held NC to 101 yards of total offense.

PLAYOFFS Natrona 27-14 @ Kelly Walsh Oct 27:  In perhaps the greatest 1 week turnaround in Natrona history the Mustangs went to a no huddle offense and reversed the score of one week earlier to advance to the semifinals.


NATRONA 21, KELLY WALSH 9: KW led 9-7 at halftime but had seven second-half fumbles, losing three. For the game, KW had 10 fumbles and lost five. All three NC scoring drives went less than 50 yards, as Dusty Harvard caught seven passes for 121 yards and a pair of touchdowns. KW's Chris Moberly had 17 carries for 112 yards and Lance Fondren had the Trojans' only touchdown on an 11-yard run in the first quarter.


NATRONA 40, KELLY WALSH 18: Frank Baker rushed the ball 35 times for 177 yards and two touchdowns, and Matt Kapeles completed 11 of 14 passes for 152 yards and a touchdown. The Mustangs led 34-6 after three quarters and used a 7-minute drive to stop the Trojans' fourth-quarter rally. KW's Jason Despain passed for 163 yards. But Despain's first option pitch of the game was errant, and NC's John Dehaai recovered the ball in the end zone to set the tone.

PLAYOFFS Natrona 29-12 @ Natrona Oct 27:  Natrona won the first ever playoff game between KW and NC and advanced to the Semifinals and later to the finals.


NATRONA 43, KELLY WALSH 0: Senior J.C. Navarro rushed for 107 yards and two touchdowns on six carries and Dan Russell completed 10 of 18 passes for 127 yards and a touchdown as the Mustangs cruised past the Trojans in the most lopsided shutout in series history. Kelly Walsh was held to 102 total yards and suffered five turnovers. Lukas Munsell led the Trojans with 49 rushing yards on 18 carries.  It was the 7th shutout for the Mustangs.


KELLY WALSH 27, NATRONA 26: The Trojans rallied from a 26-14 deficit in the final 10 minutes to beat the Mustangs and snap NC's 10-year rivalry win streak. KW senior Ross Shaeffer rushed for 158 yards on 24 carries and Derek Hepner caught two fourth-quarter TD passes (36, 1 yards). NC junior J.C. Navarro rushed for 156 yards on 26 carries in the loss. Kelly Walsh recovered three fumbles, which all led to Trojans points.


NATRONA 17, KELLY WALSH 0: NC sophomore J.C. Navarro rushed 41 times for 192 yards and two touchdowns on a sloppy, muddy field as the Mustangs earned the school's sixth shutout in series history. Ryan Mackey kicked a 23-yard field goal for NC's other score. The Trojans were held to just 44 rushing yards, 38 passing yards and 17 first downs. KW's Craig Despain had a game-high 20 tackles in the loss.  It was the Mustangs 6th shutout of the series.


NATRONA 55, KELLY WALSH 14: The Mustangs scored in the opening minute of the game when Jesse Brownell ran in from six yards out. NC scored 35 points off four KW turnovers and the Mustangs topped the 50-point plateau for the second consecutive time. Brownell finished with 143 yards on 21 carries. Kelly Walsh quarterback Nate Tollefson completed 8 of 25 passes for 131 yards, but he was picked off three times.


NATRONA 59, KELLY WALSH 13: NC recorded the most lopsided victory in the series, en route to an undefeated state championship season in the 100th year of football at the high school. James Kalinowski scored three touchdowns in the first quarter, as the Mustangs built a 28-0 lead. Chris Hopper was the Trojans' highlight, catching six passes for 162 yards and two TDs.


NATRONA 38, KELLY WALSH 7: Jacque Finn rushed for 121 yards, ran in one TD and passed for another, as the Mustangs built a 28-7 lead at halftime. Jesse Brownell added a pair of rushing scores. Reserve quarterback Kale Prewitt scored for the Trojans just before intermission.


NATRONA 21, KELLY WALSH 20: The Mustangs turned the ball over five times, but stopped a two-point conversion attempt by the Trojans with less than 5 minutes to play for the win. Jacque Finn ran and passed for scores and Brad Reese added another NC tally. Brian Oland led KW with 113 yards passing and two TDs, one to Ryan Shaeffer and the other to Brent Dressen.


NATRONA 23, KELLY WALSH 3: Natrona took advantage of Kelly Walsh mistakes -- blocking a punt, recovering a fumble and getting a safety -- to get the win. Matt Carlson gave the Trojans an early lead with a 51-yard field goal, before David Armstrong rushed for two TDs and senior fullback Jason Baxter added another to give the Mustangs their fifth consecutive win in the series. NC went on to win the state championship, 7-0 over Sheridan.


NATRONA 27, KELLY WALSH 14: Natrona used old-fashioned, smash-mouth football to defeat the Trojans in a year most thought the two teams were evenly matched. Jason Harris rambled for 125 yards and three TDs on 28 carries.


NATRONA 20, KELLY WALSH 0: The Mustangs, who would post a 9-1 mark and finish as state runnerup, dominated from the opening drive. Josh Kalinowski threw three TD passes to three different receivers (Bryan Maxwell, Brent Jurgensen and Dave Schachterle) in three different quarters.  It was the Mustangs 5th shutout of the series.


NATRONA 21, KELLY WALSH 7: NC came from behind on a two-yard Ross Stokes run in the third quarter to defeat the Trojans on a frigid, sloppy day at NCHS Stadium. Josh Kalinowski threw for 101 yards, and Chase Anfinson and Tim Olson also scored TDs. Tim Smith rumbled 80 yards for KW's score.


NATRONA 14, KELLY WALSH 6: The Mustangs snapped a 14-game losing streak and an 0-5 start to qualify for the playoffs with a resounding Oil Bowl victory. Ross Stokes and Kevin Homer scored TDs for the Mustangs. The win was NC coach Steve Harshman's first at Natrona.


KELLY WALSH 15, NATRONA 9: KW snapped a three-game losing streak in the series by coming back from a 9-7 deficit late in the third quarter. Mike Stetz ran in from 23 yards out and quarterback Fred Catchpole ran in the two-point conversion to boost the Trojans, who would make the playoffs for the first time in 10 years with the win.


NATRONA 21, KELLY WALSH 0: NC's passing game of Perry White Eagle to Jentry Byleveld was the key in a game that started in near blizzard conditions but improved in the second half. NC coach Mike Ragan finished with an Oil Bowl record of 5-2.  It was the Mustangs 4th shutout of the series.


NATRONA 41, KELLY WALSH 0: Halfback Eric Mapp and wide receiver Paul Gustafson switched positions, as the Mustangs built a 14-0 lead just 3 1/2 minutes into the contest.  It was the third shutout of the series for the Mustangs.


NATRONA 31, KELLY WALSH 13: In Tom Staffileno's last Oil Bowl as the Trojans' head coach, NC quarterback Marty Schad guided the Mustangs to early control and the victory.


KELLY WALSH 23, NATRONA 9: Facing a second-and-19 situation, Terry Jackson ran 53 yards untouched for a TD and finished with 134 yards on 25 carries for the Trojans.


KELLY WALSH 25, NATRONA 12: KW offensive tackle Matt O'Brien, 6-foot-4 and 240 pounds, scored twice for the Trojans on plays reminiscent of William "The Refrigerator" Perry.


NATRONA 42, KELLY WALSH 7: The top-ranked Mustangs defended their ranking, as Mike Lansing threw for 170 yards and rushed for another 116.


NATRONA 26, KELLY WALSH 14: The Mustangs overcame a 14-6 deficit and a masterful scoring drive by the Trojans to open the game. The game took a dramatic turn when the KW quarterback suffered a knee injury and was lost for the season.


KELLY WALSH 24, NATRONA 0: In what would be Art Hill's last Oil Bowl, the longtime NC coach saw the Mustangs unable to sustain anything offensively, totaling 117 yards. Hill's Oil Bowl record was 13-6.


KELLY WALSH 35, NATRONA 15: With only Sheridan and NC standing in the way of their third straight trip to the state championship, the Trojans got 206 yards offense and four TDs for Delane Baldwin in the last Oil Bowl played on Friday until 1991. NC's David Browning kicked the longest field goal in series history, 57 yards.


KELLY WALSH 20, NATRONA 0: Rod Flack finished his career as KW coach with his team's fifth consecutive shutout of the season. Ken Crouse completed just three passes, but all three were for TDs.


KELLY WALSH 28, NATRONA 13: This game also determined the East representative in the state championship. Dave Gosnell threw to Mike Devereaux for a 60-yard TD pass 29 seconds into the game.


NATRONA 9, KELLY WALSH 6: The game was not limited to field goals, but it was decided on a 27-yarder by NC's Dennis Rate. Greg Wheatley ran in from 1-yard out to give the Mustangs the lead in the third quarter.


NATRONA 27, KELLY WALSH 13: NC scored four times on the ground, two from quarterback Bill Bottom and one apiece from Duane Schlicht and Ron Estes.


KELLY WALSH 13, NATRONA 3: NC got on the board first with a field goal from Steve Tobin. But KW answered with a 40-yard TD pass from Scott Craig to Gary Murphy, and then Craig ran in from 24 yards out.


NATRONA 33, KELLY WALSH 7: Art Hill's son, Jim Hill, scored three times and picked off two errant KW passes, and Shane Tweedy scored twice for NC.


NATRONA 19, KELLY WALSH 13: NC all-state quarterback Dallas Hedges led the Mustangs to victory in a year in which they would go on to win the state championship, 13-7 over Rock Springs.


NATRONA 20, KELLY WALSH 3: KW was winless but held on for a 3-3 tie after three quarters. Dallas Hedges and Bill Schwartz scored for NC in the final quarter.


NATRONA 7, KELLY WALSH 6: NC tight end Bruce Bumgardner scored with 15 seconds remaining and Mike Nunley booted the extra point to give the Mustangs the most dramatic win in Oil Bowl history up to that point. Ron Franscell scored for KW, but the extra point failed.


NATRONA 9, KELLY WALSH 7: NC's defense scored a safety with less than a minute to go when KW's Robin Tuma attempted a quick kick on second down but was tackled seven yards deep in the end zone.


NATRONA 24, KELLY WALSH 0: The only Oil Bowl postponed by weather. Twelve inches of snow and blizzard-force winds on Saturday forced the game to be played on an icy field the following Tuesday. KW lost five fumbles in the contest.  It was the Mustangs 2nd shutout of the series.


NATRONA 20, KELLY WALSH 6: NC quarterback Ronnie Orr scored two TDs and Mike Williams added a 70-yard punt return for a score.


KELLY WALSH 8, NATRONA 7: KW earned its first Oil Bowl victory when NC's punter slipped and missed the ball in ankle-deep mud. KW quarterback Danny Geldien scored from 2 yards out and then ran in the two-point conversion with less than a minute to play.


NATRONA 19, KELLY WALSH 6: KW came up short in Ed Strube's first year as the Trojans' head coach.


NATRONA 13, KELLY WALSH 12: NC kept up a string of wins on a 66-yard TD run by Jesse Mapp in the first quarter and on a Bob Mansbridge TD reception from Scott Jones.


NATRONA 12, KELLY WALSH 0: After a scoreless first half, Bill Anda scored on a two-yard run in the third quarter, and quarterback Mike Lewallen added a 13-yard TD run in the fourth.  It was the first shutout in the series.


NATRONA 12, KELLY WALSH 7: The first-year Trojans were 0-8 heading into the Oil Bowl. NC was ahead 12-7 when KW halfback Frank Wojtech returned a punt 70 yards for an apparent go-ahead TD. But officials ruled that Wojtech had stepped out of bounds at midfield, and nullified the score.

Attitude and Effort

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