Strength-Speed-Power Training




Our brand new state of the art facility is 5,800 sq/ft and includes over 15,000 pounds of weight, 24 Hammer Strength Racks,  7 Ground Based Jammers, 8 Pro-Star Glute Ham's and over 20 individual Hammer Strength Machines.  In addition, the facility houses a 50 pair dumbell selection, numerous balls, bands and core stability pieces as well as 8 Verti-Max machines.

The goal of the Natrona County Strength and Speed development program is simple: to increase athletic performance on the playing field, court, mat, track and pool by improving speed, acceleration, quickness, agility, strength, stamina, flexibility and power, aggressive injury prevention and the maximization of individual athletic potential.

To accomplish the above goal we use the following training techniques.

Running: Includes form, technique, pool and sprint workouts.

Plyometrics: Plyometric exercises are used to recruit the fast twitch muscle fibers. Plyometric exercises are also used to assist athletes to improve their explosive power, quickness, coordination, core stability, balance, and awareness of body position in space.

Ground based movements: Drills progress from basic balance and movement skills to more advanced running, sprinting, jumping and multi-directional skills.  Our Verti-Max machines as well as our ground based Hammer units assist in this development.

Sport-specific strength training: POWER = SPEED x STRENGTH. Increasing speed and neglecting strength produces a low power output. Increasing strength but neglecting speed also produces a low power output. The key to developing explosive power necessary for success in sport is developing speed and strength.

Core strength development:  Various drills and exercises using balls, disks, balance boards, scooters etc. are used to develop the abdominal, hips and back.  This core is vital for power transfer and production in kicking, running, throwing, hitting, blocking and jumping.

Power cord training:   Resistance cords are used to assist athletes improve the necessary musculature used in skills such as kicking, running, throwing, hitting, blocking, and jumping.

Our 5,800 sq/ft. facility is state of the art and includes a 200m running track, a plyometric area, free weight facilities that include 24 racks and platforms.  In addition over fifty pairs of dumbells range from 10 to 200 pounds.  Furthermore, our hammer strength component includes over twenty machines including several ground based units.

Our staff includes:

Coach Steve Harshman M. Ed. former C.S.C.S, NSCA

Coach Scott Russell M. Ed.

Coach Christy Olsen M.Ed

The foundation of Mustang and Filly athletics is built on our work in this area.  We encourage EVERY athlete at Natrona County High School to be a four year student in our Conditioning Education program.  The benefits to your athletic as well as your academic goals are immense.  Our top academic students have all been Conditioning Education students.  Click on this recent article in Forbes demonstrating the link between fitness(weight training) and academic success.  It is true that working out makes you smarter!


National Strength and Conditioning Association

Bigger Faster Stronger

Attitude and Effort

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